About Us

About us

Spot and Fluff Grooming was established in Bairnsdale in 2020. Heather Jones, a former Vet Nurse, exhibitor of Standard Poodles, and experienced Groomer, identified the need for a professional, skilled and talented dog grooming service to meet the needs of pet owners in the region.

We approach the grooming experience with an understanding of animal welfare, and treat each dog or cat according to its personality and breed type. We want our dogs to enter with a wagging tail and to leave looking fabulous! We value your dog’s individualism and strive to highlight its character and charm. We are not a “one style suits all” groomer!

If you believe your pet deserves the best then we would love to talk to you.

Our Vision

  • Spot and Fluff Grooming provides a pet grooming service which sets a new standard of excellence in the Gippsland area.
  • Spot and Fluff Grooming prides itself on the exceptional staff who uphold the principles of teamwork, loyalty and customer service as fundamental character traits.
  • Spot and Fluff Grooming offers a sustainable and stable grooming service which will be here for the longterm benefit of clients.
  • Spot and Fluff Grooming is committed to developing relationships with staff, clients, and the community which extends beyond a profit motivation.
  • Spot and Fluff Grooming will serve and support worthy causes in our community and globally.

Our Values

  • We treat all clients (animal) with respect, kindness, security, and endeavour to reduce anxiety so they enjoy the grooming process and visiting our Salon.
  • We treat all clients (human) with courtesy, empathy, and strive to assist, educate, and communicate in a friendly and helpful manner.
  • Underpinning all our services and policies are the fundamental principles of integrity, loyalty, ethics and compassion.